I need your help with my Podcast!

I would really love your help with something.

I am launching a podcast of laid back acting related chats and I hope to uncover some insights along the way into how we can help our acting careers. My guests will include a range of people working on stage and screen, whether they are actors, directors, producers or other industry professionals.

If you think this is something you might enjoy, I would HUGELY appreciate it if you would sign up below to the MySite.Actor mailing list so I can let you know as soon as it launches. It would be amazing if you would give it a listen. And if you like it, SHARE it!

I really need help giving this a little push at the beginning, so I’m asking all my acting and creative friends to tweet, share, email, and use whatever other forms of communication you can to get the first episodes out there.

Thank you so much, I love you all.


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