You’re an actor.
Not a web designer.

Don’t struggle with a build-it-yourself solution, get a website specifically designed for actors for the same price.

Send Us Your Content

We will send you an online form to fill in that makes it as easy as possible to send us your content and images.

We Build Your Site

You don’t have to do anything – we build your site, and when it’s ready we send you log in details so you can customise it.

Promote Yourself

Use your new professional actor’s website to promote yourself online and show people how you want to be cast.

Benefits Of An Actor’s Website

We know there are lots of demands on your time and money, but we  passionately believe that as actors we have to take control of our own careers. A strong website is a really useful tool to…

Take Control

Unlike your agent’s website, IMDB or Spotlight, you are in complete control of your materials

Shape Perception

Help shape how people perceive and cast you by taking charge of how you present yourself

Be Accessible

With all your materials in one place, people can easily access your up-to-date showreel, headshot and CV

Get Found

Make sure the right information is getting to people when they Google your name

Be found easily online and give people a real sense of who you are and how you want to be cast

Examples & Testimonials

These actors have taken control of their careers, and as part of that they use their professional actor’s website as the place to send people to see all their materials.

James Browne

“Realizing you are a business as an actor is important and in today’s world that means you need a website. All my fears of what it would take to have a site that I would be happy with were quickly put to rest by MySite.Actor. At last I got to tick that job off the list, thanks to MySite.Actor.”

Pauline O’Driscoll

“The creativity, support and professionalism MySite.Actor provide is second to none & absolutely brilliant value for money. I’m so thrilled to have a website that looks fab and that I can update so quickly & easily myself.”

Mark D’Aughton

“Previously I would attach CV’s and youtube links in emails to prospective clients, agencies and production companies, now I divert them to a website which is a showcase. The brilliant thing for me is that I can constantly update it with ease. The difference has been measurable in the last six months as regards gaining work. “

Claire J. Loy

“I knew that I wanted to have an online presence. A place that I controlled, that represented my brand and reflected my personality. The site makes all of that very easy. In fact, I was recently cast in a lead role based on the ‘About’ section of my site.”

By an Actor, for Actors

I resisted having an actor’s website for years, I didn’t see the point–but when I finally explored the value in having one I realised it could help me communicate to people how I wanted to be cast. That’s when I decided to create MySite.Actor.

I am an actor myself, and I’ve been developing websites for over 20 years.

I created this service to provide a hassle free, affordable way to have an effective actor website.

  • Professionally designed
  • Specifically aimed at the needs of an actor
  • No technical knowledge or design skills required
  • Support available


We offer an All-In-One package that has everything an actor needs, all you have to do is send us your materials and we do the rest.

WordPress Based

Our sites are built on WordPress which powers – we look after set up, software updates, SSL certs, security, and backups.


A ‘visual builder’ makes it easier than ever to make changes to your site – edit content, add pages, change colour schemes and layouts.

Help Is Available

If you’re not comfortable making changes, or prefer to have someone look after your site for you, we offer support at reasonable rates.

What You Get

Please see some of our examples of our All-In-One websites to see exactly what you get.

We Build It For You

Purchase our All-In-One website plan and we’ll send you a link to upload all of your material and we build your website for you – it’s as simple as that! We will send you login details for your website and you can customise your site as much as you like.

Single Page Layout

Designed to give a complete overview of the actor in one page, ensuring that all your materials are available quickly and easily.

Responsive Design

Your materials are laid out in a way that prioritises the most important information in a layout that looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Add Pages

Although we call this a one page layout, it is absolutely possible to add pages if you want to – for example you might want a separate page for voiceover details.

Highly Customisable

Your website is highly customisable, and you have access to make changes yourself, or you can purchase support if you prefer us to look after all changes for you.

Domain Name

You can point an existing domain name at your site, or we can register one for you. A .com domain name will cost €20 a year but we include the first year free of charge. If you don’t wish to purchase a domain at this time your site will be available at

Tax Deductible

If you are a self employed actor, the cost of developing your website should be tax deductible – talk to your accountant about the details.

Want something different?

If you have any questions, or specific requirements for your website contact us and we’ll figure out a solution.


Our All-In-One single page template is suitable for most working actors, however we do offer a full range of design and marketing options – talk to us if you have specific requirements!

All-In-One Set Up Fee


The All-In-One Actor Website is specifically designed for actors. An attractive single page layout makes it easy to access your headshot, showreel and CV, and gives you control over how you present yourself.

When you purchase, we will send you a link to upload your materials and we will then set up and build your site for you. Once your site is set up we will send you access details so you can customise the site yourself.

  • Set up fee includes site build, a year’s hosting and .com domain name if required
  • After year 1, annual hosting is just €75, domain name (if required) is €20
  • Managed WordPress website with template specifically designed for actors
  • Attractive, mobile friendly, single page layout and a blog section
  • Additional page designs can be purchased, or you can add pages yourself at no additional cost
  • Highly customisable – includes visual builder to make basic changes extremely easy
  • Need more? Contact us to discuss.

I’m Ready!

I’m ready to have a professional actor’s website. Ready to have one place to send people for all my materials. Ready to take control of my web presence. Ready to shape how people perceive me. I’m ready to be found.