How taking an acting class changed Shaun O’ Connor’s approach to directing

by | May 15, 2020 | Acting Related Podcast

Director Shaun O’ Connor firmly believes every director should take an acting class because it gave him such perspective on his directing.

Shaun’s latest short “A White Horse” has won several awards, including Best Irish Short at Foyle Film Festival which means it’s also now longlisted for the Oscars and Baftas.

As well as chatting about acting classes, we also talked about creativity during lock down, and how his first IMDB credit is a feature film he made for a budget of about €300!

I have had the pleasure of working with Shaun on two of his short films, including a short called Disappear, which I am very proud of, in fact currently it is pinned to the top of my Twitter feed. Shaun’s enthusiasm for film and filmmaking is infectious and his general optimism and upbeat attitude toward life make him a pleasure to chat to, so I hope you enjoy.

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Also, be sure and check out the trailer for Shaun’s latest short “A White Horse”:

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