How John McCarthy created an audio drama podcast with 100k listens

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Acting Related Podcast

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When I saw that John McCarthy had produced an audio drama podcast I thought: genius. 

Why was this a format that had never occurred to me when thinking about creating work? And how had John’s podcast slipped under my radar?

I was even more impressed when I discovered that the series had amassed almost 100,000 listens.

John is an actor, writer, and director, and he has always impressed me with how prolific he is in his creativity. He was nominated last year for best supporting actor in the Irish Theatre awards for his role of Valene in The Everyman’s production of Martin McDonagh’s The Lonesome West

His theatre company, Hammergrin, used to produce original site-specific genre productions, including Hollander which was nominated Best Production at Irish Theatre Awards 2010. Currently Hammergrin is not producing theatre work, but is the home for John’s science fiction audio drama In Darkness Vast.

Myself and John have a history of meeting up for in-depth chats about acting, theatre, and creativity, so I knew that he would make a great guest, and I hope you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed chatting.

We chat about the impressive range of projects John currently has on the go, and we get into the nitty gritty detail about what inspired John to make an audio drama, and how precisely he went about creating it and building it to 100k listens.

You can learn more about John on his website and you can find details about his audio drama podcast In Darkness Vast on

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