How filmmaker Ciara Hyland aired two new documentaries despite the pandemic

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Acting Related Podcast

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Despite starting this podcast at the start of the pandemic during the first lockdown, I’ve kind of stayed away from too much Covid-19 discussion for two reasons, firstly I figured there would be plenty of podcasts revolving around that particular subject, and secondly I wanted to try and focus on more positive topics wherever possible.

But in this episode we do chat a bit about Covid and lockdown—for very good reasons that still kept things positive. 

Film and documentary maker Ciara Hyland aired TWO powerful documentaries on television in the last couple of months, despite everything going on. Both were affected by Covid, but in very different ways. 

74 Days: The Hunger Strike Of Terence MacSwiney was actually shot during the first Covid lockdown, and even though Cogadh Ar Mhná – A War on Women?  was completed before lockdown, it still ended up impacted by Covid in quite an unexpected way.

​Cogadh Ar Mhná – A War on Women? is a new Irish language documentary that blows up the myth that sexual violence against women didn’t happen during the War of Independence and the Civil War and tells for the first time in their own words some of the stories of women who were victims of it.

74 Days: The Hunger Strike Of Terence MacSwiney uses contemporary science insights alongside the original medical notes recorded during MacSwiney’s hunger strike to recreate the story of the last 74 days of his life.

We chat about both these projects, as well as:

  • How Ciara works dramatic reconstructions into a documentary most effectively
  • Ciara’s desire to work more with actors, and her future plans to do so
  • Making art outside what are perceived as the main industry centers
  • The importance of a trusting and intimate set in making great art 

Be sure and check out Ciara’s website at, and if you would like to connect with her directly you can find or on Twitter at @CiHyland.

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